HTC Sensation Vs. Nokia X7 Comparison

A couple of descent smartphones have recently made it to the mobile space, firstly the HTC Sensation and then the Nokia X7, the HTC Sensation being Android of course while the Nokia X7 sports Symbian^3 with the new Anna update, and both offer large displays, but how do they stack up against each other?

Well the guys over at NokNok have done the deed and put the Nokia X7 in a head to head comparison with the HTC Sensation, and they believe that the Nokia X7 has the edge over the HTC Sensation but do you agree?

So here’s what the guys say…when it comes to looks, the Nokia X7design is a ” real head-tuner” while the HTC Sensation is generic, uninspiring and inoffensive the same as all HTC smartphones. Build wise the Nokia X7 offers stainless steel with Gorilla Glass while the Sensation has a unibody that isn’t as strongly built and is heavier.

Camera wise both smartphones pack an 8 megapixel camera, but apparently the guys don’t feel that Android smartphones don’t offer that much in the way of photography and they’d take the Nokia X7 over the HTC Sensation any day.

As for the screen, the HTC Sensation tips the scales slightly size wise at 4.3-inch and qHD while the Nokia X7 offers a 4-inch AMOLED ClearBlackDisplay screen, which they say they dare you to compare the two and say the Nokia screen is inferior.

The Sensation does out do the Nokia X7 when it comes to on-board storage though with 4GB against the Nokia X7’s lowly 350MB; however kicking that into touch they say that most of that 8GB is used by the HTC Sense interface.

So there it is a comparison between the HTC Sensation and the Nokia X7; however you must realise that the comparison is somewhat bias towards the Nokia handset as it is fairly obvious NokNok are Nokia fans. As for that photo-taking jibe, well I’d say different, as I’m an Android fan using the Samsung Galaxy S, which delivers exceptional photos.

So let’s hear the views of our readers on this comparison, do you agree with NokNok that the Nokia X7 is much better than the HTC Sensation, or do you disagree, leave your opinions in our comments area below.


2 thoughts on “HTC Sensation Vs. Nokia X7 Comparison”

  1. justin mccree says:

    Well for starters the Nokia is like the ugly lady in the pub only looks better after a few pints. Its all good and well saying the Nokia is the better phone if you want to be one track minded and not share which at least HTC listen to what people want and meet those needs not unlike Nokia which wants there own apps and does not want to share but good looks is not enough to sway my choice its the fact of Nokia trying to be another iPhone. Android over symbian anyday.

  2. Gen Lee says:

    The design and the material used for the X7 is much better. Nokia phones always have to best camera. So I would agree with NokNok. Also Nokia's extra features are one of the best. The GPS and maps from Nokia are are the best out there. I would say X7 is superior

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