iPhone 6 2012 to Sport Sharp p-Si LCD

I’m sure most are becoming tired of all the iPhone 5 speculation, so how about leaping ahead a year to 2012 and the iPhone 6? What can we expect the sixth generation iOS smartphone to sport when it hits the mobile space?

Well according to an article over on Apple Insider, by way of Japanese newspaper Nikkan, Apple has apparently decided to go with Sharp for the iPhone 6 display opting to go with Sharp’s new low temperature poly-silicon liquid crystal display.

Apparently Sharp has already begun preparing machinery at their plant No 1 in Kameyama, a plant that is used for producing LCD displays. With the p-SI LCD the film transistor is manufactured from polycrystalline silicon, which apparently means the display drivers can be situated on the glass substrate and thus allowing for a thinner display.

So basically if this rumour turns out to be true, the iPhone 6 will likely come with a thinner and lighter display, and apparently would negate the need for additional components in such devices as the iPhone, although of course at present this is just rumour and should be treated as such.

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