Nook Color To Android 2.2 Tablet: Your Views

The Barnes & Noble Nook Color is going from colourful eReader to Android tablet, with the introduction of an update that includes lots more extras.

The introduction of so many extras in the update for the Nook Color means the tablet can be priced at $249 and sold with an Android 2.2 system, email, Flash supported browser, apps and calendar. The 7-inch reader tablet by Barnes & Noble has had 125 apps designed specifically for the device and will launch today, but at only $249 it is a short price to pay without famed Twitter apps or Android 3.0.

Making things even simpler for Nook Color owners, who will not even have to think twice about getting Nook Apps, Nook Books, Nook Email and “an enhanced web experience” after today, as the roll-out begins and ends with an automatic update.

As indicated in an article by Meaghan Clark of ExecDigital, the Barnes & Noble Nook Color tablet prides itself on creating a harmonious world between the avid reader and the executive businessman, but strangely enough the latest advertisement focuses on the aforementioned rather than the latter. To celebrate reading in all platforms and coinciding with the tablet’s update, Barnes & Noble have launched the “Read Forever” advertising campaign.

In an advertisement campaign that will come out on television, social media platforms and print, Nook Color focuses on both Nook Color readers and paperback ones. The new advertisement centres around the endless amount of information users can gain from the Nook Color tablet.

Our ‘Read Forever’ campaign beautifully expresses what Barnes & Noble has always stood for, a genuine love of books and reading, and also illustrates what readers love about reading — the ability to lose, find, amuse and educate yourself in written pages.”, as quoted by Sasha Norkin, Vice President of Digital Marketing at Barnes & Noble.

Please let us know what you think of the update and the many extras that have been included. Also of interest might be our article on Android 3.0 Honeycomb being ported over to the Nook Color tablet — see here.

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