Shoe Shopping App: iFootGauge Measures Feet

Every woman loves to shop for new shoes, it’s a female thing that they must have an abundance of shoes to choose from, and take forever trying on shoes when shopping, while us guys usually know what we are looking for go in buy them and get out, but do you know if you are purchasing the correct size shoes?

Well apparently there is now an iOS app available that measures your feet so you know the correct size shoes to purchase, the iOS app is called iFootGauge. The iFootGauge app can measure children’s feet, and adult feet from the smallest child size up to US and UK men’s size 10.

The iFootGauge app for the iPhone, iPod Touch and Apple iPad 2 utilises the rear-facing camera along with a sheet of white paper to measure the feet, and includes full how to use instructions. So basically you put your foot on the paper, snap an image and the web servers analyse the image to deliver the correct shoe size.

With iFootGauge for iOS devices it is suggest the user measures both feet as often left and right feet vary slightly in size and is accurate to the nearest half shoe size. The iFootGauge app is available to download from iTunes for free.

And just so you can check out the iFootGauge app in action before downloading, we have a short demo video for your viewing pleasure below courtesy of the iFootGauge YouTube page…enjoy.

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