White iPhone 4 Executive Version Prototype: eBay Price

The white iPhone 4 is soon to hit the shelves this week so this one goes out to the impatient, prototypes of this Apple smartphone is hitting the web at the moment and this time its on eBay.

If you visit eBay you will see a title saying “Collectible White iphone 4 (Executive Version) Prototyp” with its current bid at a staggering US $2,838.00.

This white iPhone 4 has the model number 995-6364LL that features the numbers DF3039 on the front of the device; on the back it says XX. Wonder if Apple will sue the person responsible for selling this?

The number shown in the display says 8801401JFRY, which means it could possibly belong to an Apple developer.

Would you buy this prototype white iPhone 4 or will you wait until the market version is released? Fore more information and images please visit 9to5Mac.

Source — Sonny Dickson (Twitter)


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