Vodafone Mobile UK Taxi Payments & Free Chargers: Lovely

Vodafone branded taxi cabs will now offer customers the option to pay via their mobile phones putting a stop to stopping at cash points and paying by cash, plus mobile phone chargers are being fitted to 500 black cabs.

Vodafone has decided to fit mobile phone chargers to 500 black cabs across in London allowing passengers to charge their handsets for free, this is all part of a £10m advertising scheme according to PC Advisor.

If you visit Vodafone’s press release page it reports that they will also be offering new improvements such as Vodafone customers being able to pay for fares via mobile phones, customers will have the option to text the taxi’s licence number to a special code and the fare will be added to their bill.

Vodafone also reports that the Taxi wrapping will start today and will be supported by a radio advertising campaign hitting the airwaves May 9. The mobile phone chargers will be fitted to a fleet of taxis by August and will support all makes and models of handsets. Read the following via Vodafone:

To register to pay by mobile in any Vodafone branded taxi, Vodafone customers should call 0845 680 3409. Once registered, customers can also pay by text: Just text the word ‘Taxi’ followed by your taxi’s number and the amount you want to pay to 31255 — for example: ‘Taxi 9000 10.00’. This is a free introductory service and Vodafone customers will not be charged any service charge, nor pay for the calls or texts. Vodafone will be wrapping all Heathrow Express trains. The wrapping process will begin on 6 May with all seven trains wrapped within six weeks.

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