American Colleges & Universities iOS App: A Complete Database

Thinking about going to college or university to gain all the qualifications your require for that new career, but just can’t decide on which college or university would suit you best. Well if you own an iOS device there’s an app that might be able to help you with that.

The iOS app is called American Colleges & Universities, and contains a complete database of over 8000 collages and universities across the United States and the user can find out information about every institution in the US so they can make an informed decision.

The American Colleges & Universities app delivers detailed info on institutions accredited for post-secondary education including medical schools, beauty schools, test prep centres, community colleges, universities and others.

The American Colleges & Universities app delivers to the user info on zip code, postal address, college website, phone number and a short description, and all colleges and universities are sorted by name and state.

The American Colleges & Universities app for the iPhone, Apple iPad and iPod Touch running iOS 2.0 or above can be downloaded from iTunes at a reasonable cost of just $0.99.

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