JailbreakQA Online Q&A Tool about Jailbreaks

From a novice jailbreaker trying to get on to the jailbreaking ladder to a ‘born to do it’ jailbreaking expert, from time to time questions pop up that need answering. Well chpwn and comex (two people that know more about jailbreaking than most of us) have an iOS jailbreak, resource site called JailbreakQA.

Chpwn and comex are both developers and hackers that for a long time have been heavily involved in the jailbreak community. The JailbreakQA site is a crowd-sourced Q&A tool, which is geared towards the jailbreak novice and expert alike.

A quote from the JailbreakQA site, coming to us via the guys over at iPD state: “This is a Stack Overflow clone (you know what that is, right?) dedicated to iOS jailbreaking. The idea is that it should be like the Dev-Team Blog‘s comment section, but better organized and able to handle a greater variety of questions. Feel free to ask or answer questions here; comex, chpwn, and a few other people will be here initially to provide answers, and anyone else is welcome to contribute.”

The JailbreakQA site operates off submitted questions, which are answered by chpwn, comex, or other fellow site users. If you are interested, why not sign up for a free JailbreakQA account and get help with those unanswered iOS jailbreaking questions that are niggling away inside you. There is also a jailbreaking FAQ on the site.

Please let us know what you think of JailbreakQA site.

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