iOS In-app Game Audio Override Guide

Ever get annoyed when you are playing a mobile game on your iPhone and are forced to listen to the game’s music rather than listening to your own music whilst playing? If so then apparently there is a way round that little issue.

According to the guys over on iPhone Download Blog, the helpful chaps over at Funky Space Monkey, by way of Macrumors, have come up with a guide on how to listen to your own music library when playing iOS games that disable iPod music.

Apparently if you follow the quick and easy tutorial you should be able to rock to your won music when playing games on your chosen iOS device, so this is how the guide goes…

First open up the game or app you wish to use and plug in your headphones, next double press the home button that will activate multitasking and then swipe to the left. Apparently the play button looks to be disabled, but the remote in the headphones isn’t so just press play on the remote and return to the game.

Furthermore apparently if you wish to listen to your music via your handset speakers, once you have pressed play on the remote just unplug the headphones and all should be fine.

So there you have it a simple way to enable listening to your iPod music when playing games. So if any of our iOS toting readers check out this guide feel free to let us know how you get on by posting us a comment below.

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