T-Mobile WiFi Calling Release: Free and Unlimited

We received information that T-Mobile USA was going to reintroduce their free unlimited Wi-Fi calling option today. T-Mobile’s Wi-Fi calling feature was already free on phones that supported UMA, however, the placing of a call over Wi-Fi still consumed the user’s monthly minute allowance.

According to an article by TmoNews dated May 9, in which a leaked internal screenshot was obtained showing the offer by T-Mobile and coming to us by way of the guys at BGR, it was indicated that T-Mobile would be alerting those customers with supported devices to the deal via text message.

The screen shot also showed that the option would be available to all customers signed up for the following T-Mobile plans: 4G Do More, Even More and Even More Plus, provided they have WiFi Calling capable devices.

So we would like to know, did you get your text from T-Mobile today? If so, please let us know what you think of the option.

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