Customers Want 17 Day Diet App: Online Petition

The 17-Day Diet is very popular indeed and it seems a little crazy that there is no app for mobile phones or tablets; customers really would like to see an app developed for the rapid weight loss program.

The 17 Day Diet program is a doctor’s plan designed for rapid weight loss and with each cycle designed specifically to enhance a different body system, including metabolism and digestion.

You can buy the Dr. Mike Moreno book via the official website, which is very good indeed but many customers have their phones and tablets glued to their sides and would make life so much easier if an app was developed for download, this is where we are calling out to devs to design and release an app.

We visited a site called ‘The Doctors’ and customers are asking “Would love to see an app for the 17 Day Diet”, if an app was designed they could keep track of their diet.

We would like to ask our readers here on Phones Review if you would like to see an app developed for the 17 day diet? Please do post all your comments below, class this is an online petition and if we get good results we will submit this off to the official sources.

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