How To Handle Office Gossip with Laughter App

If you need an entertaining app to handle the latest office gossip, then why not download the Office Gossip app from iTunes.

The Office Gossip app works great on Apple iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad, including those iDevices with iOS4. Ernie Witham provides the office comedy for the Office Gossip iOS app, with over 90 high quality sound clips available that can be randomly played on a whim or individually selected for right place and time.

The obnoxious office workers in the sound clips help bring laughter to any occasion and are great for livening up business meetings, family gatherings or for anytime that you just need to take a little break, as they are always standing by to offer their opinion, even if you do not want it.

You can download the Office Gossip iOS app from iTunes for $0.99 and have these busybody sound clips to hand whenever you are ready to dish the dirt on the hottest office gossip.

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