Free Apps: Gold Now Price Drop

If you are looking for free apps for the iPhone you will be happy to know that “Gold Now” app is now free thanks to the price drop from 59p.

The Gold Now application for iOS devices provided users with real-time gold prices in 25 world currencies, this is a simple app that gives you one list with different price currencies in compact list format.

All you need to do is visit Apple iTunes and install the app that is totally free; this app also includes historical information on gold trade history in all supported countries. Just so you know this app does NOT include gold price charts.

Gold Now Currencies Include: U.S dollar, British pound, Euro, Argentine peso, Japanese yen, Brazilian real, Australian dollar, Canadian dollar, Swiss franc, Columbian peso, Hong Kong dollar, Chinese yuan renminbi, Indonesian rupiah, Indian rupee, Mexican peso, Kuwaiti dinar, Malaysian ringgit, New Zealand dollar, Peruvian Nuevo Sol, Philippine peso, Singapore dollar, Swedish krona, Turkish lira, South African rand and Vanuatu vatu.

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