Facebook In A Relationship Smartphone Use: Breakups

Facebook is an addiction in itself and so much so more users are using it on their smartphones, many Facebook users are in a relationship and it has come to our attention that this can cause jealousy and in worst-case scenarios breakups.

How many of you that own a smartphone use Facebook? We all know that this social network is addictive and now and then we all say that we will deactivate our account because it causes more harm than good but as soon as you deactivate you go back on again within a few days.

I have a few friends that say they do not like Facebook anymore because it causes problems with their partners, basically there is no trust and the loved one accuses you of loving Facebook than them, then some partners are wondering if you are chatting to others of the opposite sex, and when reading a partners profile status or comments they have received can be taken the wrong way.

All we are asking is “Do you use Facebook on your smartphone and are you addicted?” Another question we would like for you to answer is “Have you ever had a row with your partner over Facebook?”

We would love for you to let us know what you think of the above in the commenting area below; if you are in a relationship and use Facebook on your smartphone does it cause big arguments or even breakups.


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  1. Shawn says:


    As much as my girlfriend loves Facebook and Twitter, she was only able to do it near a computer. So when we were out driving or having dinner it was nice just the two of us. However, ever since she got an iPhone, she just can't seem to put it away. When we are driving her head is down looking at peoples pictures who she never even met, but they're still on her friends list. When we are out to dinner she's doing the same. The worst part about the smartphone is that she gets instant text message notifications when she receives a new comment or message we can be in the middle of a conversation and she stops listening to look at her phone. I miss the days when all her phone could do was text or make a phone call. We would talk and just joke around. I talked to her last night about it and she said she understands its a problem and is going to work on it. I hope she does because life is moving too fast, you have to live in the momment now, this second, enjoy your surroundings, don't care so much about who poked you or commented on your picture.

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