Windows Phone 7 Update to Deliver Threaded Email

Apparently when Microsoft eventually gets round to pushing out the next Windows Phone 7 update, currently being called Mango or Windows Phone 7.5, the word is along with such things as IE 9 and Xbox Live integration, the update will feature threaded email.

According to an article over on The Inquirer, Microsoft showcased during the Tech Ed Conference in Atlanta, features such as the ability to pin email folders to the start screen and also the ability to have threaded email.

Microsoft also showed off the ability to search for emails on remote email servers, and their Lync app for WP7 and said, “It will allow users to see and communicate with their colleagues just like its desktop equivalent.

Although threaded email isn’t that impressive when you consider the likes of Android have been delivering threaded email for quite some time, but it does show that Microsoft is at least trying to catch up with Android and iOS, even though it is still unclear just when Microsoft will release the Windows Phone update to devices.


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  1. Actually, the threaded email update it more powerful than Android’s junk. Exchange actually groups real conversations together. it doesn’t just group things with the same subject.

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