Microsoft Mango Update May Be Windows Phone 7.1

The rumour that has been doing the rounds concerning the Mango update from Microsoft has had it that Mango would be Windows Phone 7.5; however the latest scuttlebutt on the operating system update has it that Mango might not be Windows Phone 7.5 but rather Windows Phone 7.1.

According to the guys over at Engadget by way of Mobile Tech World, apparently the Microsoft Developer Network page is listing the APIs for Silverlight for Windows Phone 7.1.

So it would appear that the rumour of Mango being Windows Phone 7.5 might be untrue and that the update will arrive as Windows Phone 7.1, not a great deal of difference and after all it’s only a name isn’t it?

Anyway as Microsoft’s OS event is kicking off sometime today we will no doubt either get confirmation that Mango is indeed Windows Phone 7.1 or otherwise; more as and when we know.

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