Free 16GB Apple iPhone 4 with Vodafone Contract

The Apple iPhone 5 will be releasing this year and iPhone 4 stocks will get lower, so if you would like one of these smartphones get one for free right now on the Vodafone network.

You can not get your hands on a free 16GB Apple iPhone 4 in black or white, we have found the cheapest monthly contract price via mobiles.co.uk on the Vodafone network just for you.

The best deal that we could find on the site mentioned above is a free iPhone 4 16GB for only £35 a Month, this tariff gets you unlimited texts, 600 minutes and 500 Mb data. There are many other tariff deals for this handset but this is the best offer.

Call Charges per minute on Vodafone are: Calls to UK landline 20.5p, Calls to same network is also 20.5p and is the same price per minute to call other networks, text messages are 12.3p per text and data charges are set at £1 per day for 100MB.

Please do let us know if you will take this offer up, we would love to know if you can get a free Apple iPhone 4 in white or black (16GB Version) at a lower monthly contract price, if you know of anywhere please let us know.


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