Lady Gaga Born This Way Revenge App Game: 17 Tracks

If you love Lady Gaga and the Tap Tap Revenge music games you will really love the new ‘Lady Gaga Born This Way Revenge’ iOS game by Tapulous.

The Born This Way Revenge music game is stunning because it features a massive 17 tracks from her special edition “Born This Way”; you have to tap your way to success whilst listening to her songs. The app also features access to Gagavision webisodes and the option to connect to Facebook to see all the Little Monsters putting their paws up to Born This Way Revenge!

The App Features: Keep up with Mother Monster with an in-game Twitter feed, Tap on four UNLOCKED boss tracks, Three exclusive chat rooms, Know about all events happening in the Haus of Gaga, In-app artist bio and much more.

The Lady Gaga Tracks Include: Judas, Government Hooker, Electric Chapel, Fashion of His Love, Bloody Mary, The Queen, Marry The Night, Born This Way, The Edge of Glory, Hair, Black Jesus + Amen Fashion, Yoü and I, Americano, Scheiße, Bad Kids, Highway Unicorn (Road To Love) and Heavy Metal Lover.

For more information on this stunning Born This Way Revenge By Tapulous, please visit iTunes and download right now.

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