Txtot iOS App Enables Scheduled Text Messaging

No doubt at some point in your mobile life you have forgotten to respond to a text message, which may or may not have hurt the senders feelings, but there is an new iOS app for the iPhone, iPod Touch and Apple iPad that could end all that for you and is called Txtot.

According to the guys over at Digital Life, the Txtot iOS app, which is short for “text on time” enables the user to schedule text messages and all the user needs to do is enter a name from your contacts or a phone number and pick a future time and date and then enter your message.

Apparently when you reach the specified time and data a notification appears on screen and the app will open a new message with all the stuff you had previously entered, then all you do is hit send.

With the Txtot app for the iPhone, iPod Touch and Apple iPad running iOS 4.2 or above the user can add, delete, edit and even delay text messages and texts messages are privateand stored on your iOS device as a regular text message. The Txtot app for iOS devices is available as a free app from iTunes.


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