Call of Duty Elite iPhone, iPad, Android Release: Apps

If you are a COD gaming fan you will be happy to know that Call of Duty Elite will release on mobile OS platforms, such as the iPhone, iPad and multiple Android devices.

Call of Duty Elite is going to be the best gaming experience for all gamers, users will be able to connect with other players such as family, friends or anyone else that shares the same interests as you. This new service is going to be amazing where players can enter challenges against one another or together, you can have the option to play for real prizes as well.

Activision is going to bring Call of Duty Elite in four different ways according to IntoMobile, these methods will include TV via game console, Web, In-game and Mobile.

The iPhone, iPad and Android devices have been mentioned by developers, other OS platforms may be a possibility as well. Each of the above operating systems will have its own dedicated apps, there was an early alpha build of the iPhone app. When these apps release you will be able to view your stats, challenges and friends and will have the ability to use push notifications to relay messages from Call of Duty Elite to the user.

Can Call of Duty Elite go beyond Modern Warfare 3? Please let us know if you know more on the above, if you have anything to say about this news we would love to hear from you. We will keep you posted when we hear more about Call of Duty Elite on mobile devices. Please watch the IntoMobile video provided below


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    Another new and good game for there game lovers. People owning a smartphone can never get bored, these phones provides a lot of entertaining things

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