Samsung Galaxy S2 Suffering Yellowish Screen Problems

Thus far the successor to the highly popular Samsung Galaxy S, the Samsung Galaxy S2 has seen numerous good reviews, but apparently there might be a little taint in the greatness of the latest Android smartphone from the Sammy camp, as apparently some users are experiencing screen problems.

According to an article over on Ubergizmo by way of Pocket Now, the guys over at XDA-developers forum are saying all is not rosy in the Samsung Galaxy S2 camp as some users have said that the Super AMOLED Plus display seems to have a “yellowish tinge on one side.”

Apparently to discover if your Samsung Galaxy S2 is suffering from this issue you’ll need to turn down the display brightness and view a “solid neutral background,” although apparently the problem can be very subtle and some users could miss it.

The word is this could be a hardware problem rather than a software issue as software would not affect just an area of the display, on the other hand it could be a manufacturing problem when assembling the display and could well self-correct over time.

So we’d like to know if any of our readers have purchased the Samsung Galaxy S2 and if so have you noticed this yellowish tinge problem on your Android 2.3 Gingerbread handset? Feel free to let us know in our comments area below.


63 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy S2 Suffering Yellowish Screen Problems”

  1. xyronebun says:

    that`s not true ..mine is faultless..and believe me ..is the best phone ever build
    I had few generations of phones.. but this..is just perfect

  2. Anonymous says:

    I have a perfect SGS2, not yellowish tinge on the sides or anywhere! Love this phone, don’t let this stop you from getting a SGS2 if you are contemplating. It’s the Best phone out anywhere, Period!

    1. Kundan Kishor says:

      Dude, nothing to worry about. Just visit ur nearest service center. The yellow display occurs only when u set it to lowest brightness level. The problem is very rare, and is a hardware issue. Anyone having this problem, please visit a service center near you and get the display replaced. No problem after that. Mine too had the same issue, and got it replaced yesterday.

      1. Belial says:

        leaving problems such that may worsen, time will come… don’t just leave it there, it’s more comforting to know that your phone doesn’t have any problem at all that using it everyday knowing that there are some problem on it.. and it is a hardware defect, “HARDWARE

  3. Anonymous says:

    It’s not a fault, pretty much any screen can have these colors across them, you can see it on many different phones. These are people LOOKING for a problem, creating a problem that doesn’t really exist.

  4. Yngve Arn Bandsberg says:

    I bought my first S2 two weeks ago, and it had a yellow screen. Sometimes the whole screen var yellow, but most of the time it was “just” the left side. I returned it and got another one. Same problem on this! I’m returing it tomorrow. I’m not sure if I wanna buy another one =(

  5. Yngve Arn Bandsberg says:

    I bought my first S2 two weeks ago, and it had a yellow screen. Sometimes the whole screen var yellow, but most of the time it was “just” the left side. I returned it and got another one. Same problem on this! I’m returing it tomorrow. I’m not sure if I wanna buy another one =(

  6. Anonymous says:

    Had my phone 3 weeks and the screen has also gone yellow. Store won’t replace even though faulty stated they would have to send away and would take 2 weeks. Obviously there is a design fault. The store also stated that these phones are prone to overheating!!!!!

    1. hi i have had sgs2 for five weeks was excellent but today it warmed up in my pocket ended up taking battery out to cool it down like having small radiator in pocket left it to cool down is alright now why does this  happen

  7. Ya, I have bought galaxy s2 two weeks back and I have noticed 3 days back the same problem…when you switch on any white screen,keep it idle for some time, let it go dull in brightness, the the yellowish tint is clearly visible….what could be done?

    1. Belial says:

      leaving problems such that may worsen, time will come… don’t just leave it there, it’s more comforting to know that your phone doesn’t have any problem at all that using it everyday knowing that there are some problem on it.. and it is a hardware defect, “HARDWARE”

  8. adel athab says:

    i dont know about yellow spots my problem with the display is the colors on it is more whiter , meaning that the black looks grey ? i when to samsung customer service and they changed the lcd screen and still it didn’t fixed the problem

  9. Cheesewoman says:

    I have the Galaxy S2, and for the last couple of months have really noticed the yellow tint quite strongly on the left hand side of my screen. I was told by Samsung that updating to the Gingerbread 2.3.4 android would probably sort out this issue, and I have just this minute installed the firmware upgrade. I am not happy to say that there has been no improvement to the yellow tint since the upgrade to 2.3.4, and I will be contacting Samsung again about this not very mellow yellow issue.

    1. Cheesewoman says:

      Update: I just wanted to let everyone know that since I installed the 2.3.4 android update on my Galaxy S2 I did the *#*#0*#*#* test… fiddled around a bit with this for a while testing various colours etc. Finally it seems that the yellow tint has gone! I’m quite surprised but very pleased, it seems this was a software issue after all… have tested this with low screen brightness and on light and dark backgrounds. Seems to be totally fixed. Result! 😀

  10. Dim galaxy says:

    i bought S2 and it had tinted display even if 2.3.4 was installed (and it had rattling sound microphone). I complained and they send it to a service. When i got my phone back screen was still tinted, but not as much than earlier (display change).  I updated this  to the 2.3.4 and tint was absolutely gone! And belive me i was watching like a hawk 🙂
    I was happy only a minutes because i noticed this thin cannot connect networks properly. No 3g, only edge… and ihad only “1 bar” when my friend had “5 bars” strenght with same sim – card 😀
    This happened after service repair… seems like they broke antenna or something.
     It was time for a service again… but they did not (really!) found any fault on my phone. Only repair was update…. hmp…  they said your device is ok, and it helps if you turn it off sometimes! (even factory reset wont help, so how would restart?)

     We tested device on the shop (from it was bought ant send to a service) and suprise: no 3g network!  From store they called to a service and said this really is broken, we found failure in two minutes at the shop but service wont find it in two weeks!
     They asked to send it back for repair again….

     After my phone arrived from service third time it was complitely new phone. They replaced whole device. And quess what? Everything is working great but… but… but i lost my faultless screen! Yep! Yellow tinge is back big time! And already 2.3.4 was installed in it.

     I updated this to 2.3.5 and there was no difference.

     Finally i went to a shop again and said i had enough. Money back please, i wont accept this device and wont accept no more service also. It worked!

     Now i have my money but no telephone – exept my old zte blade 😀 There is no tint but not so much power either 🙂

     And for final words – i went to a difrent shop yesterday and asked for a S2 white. I said i would buy it if i can have a faultless unit. We opened one packade and checked it at the desk – device had BAD yellow tint (and 2.3.3.)

     I did not buy it. i dont know if update would repair this unit or not, as it wont work for every unit.

    Two of my frinds have S2 with no tint at all (and they all have 2.3.3.) and one friend have this tint issue.

     So… it seems like 50/50 to have good unit or tinted one. Samsung has big problem with this, and me too becouse i want S2 but i cant have it – it is too big  risk to get faulty phone. And i want no more fighting with service!

  11. Kim says:

    PROBLEM: My galaxy s2 suddendlystopped displaying anything!! it started becoming blurry this morning and a minute later is could not display anything!! It has never fallen or had contact with water so i have no idea what might be wrong with it. Am thinking of having the shop change it if there is no other solution. Anyone??

  12. Dahagaonkar Akshay says:

    Hello Friends try ” Sony Ericsson Ray ” a no compromise smart phone at low price. Don’t trust on me just play same HD video on both the handsets and realty is infront of us . . . .

    I don’t want to dominate Samsung, but i just simply love Sony Ericsson for its experience, it is very hard to switch Sony Ericsson to any other mobile because anyone who used Sony Ericsson once they are addicted to this experience.

  13. ahmd says:

    I faced the same problem with my S2 yesterday specially while turining the room light off … it appears like a yellowish fading starting from the corners of the display, i bought it on the 8th of nov 2011 with the software 2.3.4 and faced this problem with that version, it’s a hardware problem not a software problem, and samsung must solve this issue because this is a great phone and it’s really very frustrating to find something like this in such mobile .

  14. Chandan_1708 says:

    I have bought a new galaxy s2 today and facing the problem of yellowish tying tinge on left half of its screen. Please let me know how to get it fixed.chandan

  15. Joeb912 says:

    I have the tinted edges on my Charge running 2.3. I didn’t notice until the update from 2.2, but that’s
    Inconclusive. It’s annoying, is what it is.

  16. Eliot says:

    I’ve had my Galaxy S2 for around a week and the yellow tint issue just occurred.  It corrected after I rebooted.  I’ll be keeping an eye on it.

    1. nan says:

       One of the 2 phones we have, 1 of them is just a bit more brown/yellow than the other, which is white.  That’s everywhere.  Hopefully they’ll exchange it.

  17. Vetri says:

    I bought my SG-S2 in October, 2011.. In the past 2 weeks, i observed yellowish tint twice… Last week (first time) tint got disappeared after reboot… today it automatically went off after some secs……..

  18. Buzzer says:

    Samsung Galaxy S2 is easily the worst smartphone i have ever bought. 

    A 1.2 GHz DUAL CORE phone that hangs more than 10 times a day. Phone calls come in, hang. Turn on Wifi, hang. Turn on phone from Standby mode, hang. Alarm rings, hang. Type SMS halfway, hang. Open an apps, hang. It hangs at every available opportunity!Then it has an amazing Phone Auto Off function. Amazing. I didn’t even realise my phone was off until I need to make a phone call. Phone is also lagging. 1.2 GHz DUAL CORE phone, lagging!!! OMG. Can you believe it?Then the battery sometimes wouldn’t charge. Can you believe it after I left the phone for more than 2 hours to charge, I came back with the phone shut off due to battery drained.The touch screen is over sensative. Sometimes I just wanted to scroll, it ended up clicking on the screen and opening unwanted apps or page! What the…And lastly, the TouchWiz is absolutely rubbish!! It is a total rip off from iPhone!!! To those who complimented the TouchWiz, please go try out HTC Sense!!I regretted letting go my HTC Desire. Yes, the first generation HTC Desire is way much better than this latest generation of Samsung Galaxy!!!!! I’m getting a HTC again. Trading in the Samsung Galaxy S2 after only 2 months using it. And absolutely rubbish phone!

  19. Laurielevi says:

    Just paid £460 for this phone and I’ve already noticed that the back gets very hot when playing games.I’ve a yellow tinge to the left hand side and a large pink haze in centre of all photos taken on a light coloured background. I’ve uploaded pics and it’s def on all pics-I can’t remove it. I’m returning it tomorrow….load of rubbish for my hard earned money.

  20. Strawbiz says:

    I downloaded some app using the android market, which gives different types of vibrations for different callers. found it useless so  uninstalled it later…after uninstalling I noticed that the vibration feature of the phone is gone. It does not vibrate anymore when the phone rings…no option or setting to change it either. don’t know how to fix it! 🙁

    1. Belial says:

      Hi Strawbiz… I also encountered your problem only in samsung galaxy y, what i did is trying to find the folder of the app you deleted and delete it from your memory card or phone mem… The “FOLDER” of the app…

  21. Kalyaankumar says:

    I had a problem with the display of the phone today, I was playing the real football game and all of a sudden the display turned into bluish like a low color definition old computer display , the game the homescreen everything . but I restarted the phone it came back to normal. I bought this s2 in Nov . I hope this doesn’t happen again

  22. Neoconcept says:

    Hello Melbourne Australia here
    I am on my second (brand new) Galaxy 2 (March/April 2012), but are having the same problem of shutting down/r-boots on it’s own. It goes back to the SIM password screen. It all shutdown in the middle of a call today.
    The Ebay store i bought it from have told me they are having various problems with these phones.



    1. Nilson Tabbu says:

       Hello James,

      Nilson here from the Philippines. I am experiencing the same problem as you did. The phone reboots on its own every 30secs!!! goes back to the password screen and after 30secs, reboots on its own again. How did you deal with your problem? were you able to fix it? How?

      Looking forward to your advice.


  23. Limaev says:

    I had mine for 20 days before I noticed yellow spots on the uppper left side of the screen, within a couple of hours it started to get larger and a purple tint. Around 7hrs later the purple flowed to the middle of the screen and after 26hrs the starting point turned dark grey. 48hrs later the purple is across the entire screen and the grey is covering 1/4. I contacted my cell phone provider the first day they will send me a refurbished phone. They will only exchange for a new phone if it’s within the first 14 days. After reading these posts I’m nervous and considering excercising the option provided by my cellular provider and just picking an entirely different phone which I can do within the first 30 days. I paid $243 for a phone that only lasted 20 days. Very disappointed.

    I had the Mesmerize prior to this, it was junk. It went in spurts where I wasn’t able to make or receive calls or texts without doing a battery pull and sometimes that wouldn’t even work. Maybe I should give up on Samsung?

  24. Tschierling says:

    hi saskatoon Canada
    ever since i bought my phone and i listen to music, it reboots. its a very quick reboot, as soon as i put in my screen lock pin everything is already loaded up and running again. i have yet to find a solution for this.

  25. Starrcherie24 says:

    I have had my GS2 since December 23rd and have never noticed a yellow tint on the side. I have experienced frequent freezing and have to take the battery out often. My phone also overheats every now and then but all that aside, I still love my phone and now I have a new problem. In the middle of playing a game the screen froze with a white outline all the way around that eventually turned the screen completely white, then a fuzzy green. I have had the battery out ever since only putting it back in to see if anything has changed and it hasn’t. I am very sad! Anyone else have this problem?

  26. PRIYA says:

    I literally just had this problem! I tool a picture and after it saved not just one side of my screen but my entire screen had a yellow tinge to it. I went onto settings, thinking it was a problem.with that and just fiddled with the brightness and it suddent disappeared. I’ve had my white S2 since Dec 21st 2011 and this is the first time this had happened. Also it sometimes switches off an on by itself… nonetheless a very good phone.

  27. BROOKE says:

    I have had this phone now for 8 month I have taken such good care of it. I bought a case and screen protector and haven’t dropped it. so here are the issues I have been experiencing, first off the batter all the sudden sucks I wont touch my phone at all and it will die half way through the day, second when I plug the phone into its charger it doesn’t even show that I’ve plugged it in and it takes forever to charge because it randomly connects and disconnects itself from the charger. third now I went to use my phone today and the screen has blue defects like I used a magnet on the screen or dropped it or something when I haven’t even touched the darn thing. I am very disappointed since I have only had it 8 moths an now have to replace it!

  28. Praneeth says:

    Hi, Network signal is getting frequntly down in My Galaxy S2. My friends are not abe to reach me t the first go,they have to make call 34 times. even I m not able to make calls for the first time.I need to retry for 3-4 times to connect the call. Is this the service provider problem or hanset problem.


  29. digger says:

    3rd one…Same problem as the first…Works fine in the beginning..this 3rd one..I’ve only had 2 months…Will not hold a charge..been charging all yesterday evening..All night..This morning no charge0% battery…..says its charging..I can see the lightning bolt..nothing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Really like all the features on this phone.. But it seems its time to switch to the Iphone…..This issue is casuing me headaches…

  30. Hunnell says:

    I have a Galaxy s2 and have had it a year now not having any problems then one day it starts shutting down and turning on when I would try to open an app. Now it turns on and off all by itself and the only way to stop it is to remove the battery. HELP!!!

  31. Halina. says:

    I had the samsung phone for about a year, the problem that I had is that when someone calls me the cant get through even though the phone still working..try ringing my self but the phone doesn’t rings what so ever…tried a variousness sims still having the same problem..any advance pleas..

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