HTC Smartphone Problems, Questions and Answers: Support

HTC has many smartphones on its list, and looking over on their Facebook page many ask questions, and some have problems. Well we thought we would start this discussion page and cover HTC smartphone problems, questions and answers, this is what we call the support page.

If you visit HTC on Facebook commenter’s are asking many questions, here are a few: “My HTC Desire aka The Undesirable is doing things on its own again like turning on Flightmode & It’s wiped all of my messages. It’s been reset to factory settings 5 times & sent for repair 3 times. PEOPLE LISTEN. Get yourself an iPhone & don’t waste your time or money with HTC”

Another mentions about fixing the HTC Desire HD, they say that the weather widget is not working properly. Some are complaining about HTC sense still being under maintenance.

Many questions such as “Can any1 tell me how to download music on 2 a HTC Wildfire?” and “How do you put songs onto the HTC Trophy”? The list goes on and on, about bootloaders, Gingerbread OS update and much more.

If you own an HTC smartphone on any network wherever in the world please let us know if you have any questions you would like answering, do you have any problems, if you ask anything here hopefully other readers can help you our a little. Let’s make this the HTC support station where our readers provide the answers. Thanks


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