The Mixcloud iPhone app, puts Podcasts in your pocket

Finally the Mixcloud app brings the world of portable radio and on demand Podcasts to your pocket.

Mixcloud’s excellent content from the best quality Cloudcasters has been available online for a while, but making this content mobile via their iPhone app, completely changes your world.

It not only means that you have access to some of the hottest DJ mixes, radio shows and Podcasts on the go, but with 100s of thousands of Cloudcasts available, you can travel from Lands End to John O’Groats on our instantly accessible content.

The Mixcloud app has everything from Electronica to Education; from Dave Gorman to the Guardian to take with you to keep you entertained, so you don’t have to spend hours downloading before you go.

Added to all this, it’s absolutely free. Here are just some of they have got for you — so go on — get listening!

DJ Premierhttp://www.mixcloud.com/worksofmart/
Carl Coxhttp://www.mixcloud.com/CarlCox/
Red Bull Music Academyhttp://www.mixcloud.com/rbma/
Dazed Magazinehttp://www.mixcloud.com/dazed/
Guardian Podcastshttp://www.mixcloud.com/guardiantravel/
Football Ramblehttp://www.mixcloud.com/footballramble/
The RSAhttp://www.mixcloud.com/RSA/

Features of the app include:

o Hot (a list of “what’s hot now” based on community popularity and buzz)
o Categories (editorial picks for Mixcloud’s main content categories)
o Listening history and favourites
o User profiles (discover Cloudcasts through other Mixcloud users)
o Search (by tag, user and Cloudcast)
o AirTunes + headphone remote control support and “Background streaming support”

You can download the Mixcloud iPhone app (beta version) via MixCloud’s website or simply visit iTunes. Please let us know what you think of it.