Samsung Galaxy S2 O2 Prices: Contract & PAYG

The Samsung Galaxy S2 (II) is one of the top selling phones at the moment and we thought you might like to get one via O2 UK. We will give you the prices and tariff details on both contract and pay as you go (Pay & Go) options.

The Galaxy S2 is only 8.49mm thick and comes with a stunning 8MP camera with flash, it runs the awesome Android (Gingerbread) 2.3 OS, plus a pure crisp 4.3-inch Super AMOLED + screen

You can choose between 5 different contract tariffs if you want the Samsung Galaxy S2 for free, the cheapest is only £27.00 per month and with that you get a free handset / 300 minutes / Unlimited Texts. For £32.00 you get 600 minutes and unlimited texts, £37.00 per month on contract you get 900 minutes and unlimited text, £42.00 will get you 1200 minutes and unlimited texts, and the most expensive is £63.00 per month for unlimited minutes and texts.

The prices above are all on contract and you get the handset for free, for £16.50 per month, you will get 50 minutes and 250 texts with the handset costing you a one of payment of £149.99, you could pay £104.99 for the smartphone with a monthly cost of £21.50 and this gives you 100 minutes and 500 texts.

You could however stay of the contract road and opt for the Pay & Go option; if you decide you want to do the pay as you go route the Galaxy S2 will cost you a one of payment at £479.99.

For more information on specifications, prices and tariffs, please visit the O2 UK online store right here. Please let us know what option you will be going for. Thanks


One thought on “Samsung Galaxy S2 O2 Prices: Contract & PAYG”

  1. ByeVideo says:

    On O2 Pay as you Go – will that have any O2 branding on the actual
    handset? Or any O2 bloatware on the phone when switched on i.e. will O2
    network logo appear at the start-up, etc?