What iOS 5 Features Should Have: Video Concept

WWDC 2011,starts on Monday, and many of you are no doubt wondering what the new iOS 5 will feature; well below you can watch a brilliant video concept.

What iOS 5 features should have is a number of things such as, widgets on the home screen, or what about settings shortcuts, discrete notifications and favourite friends.

The features mentioned above would be a fantastic addition for the new iOS 5, below you can watch a YouTube video posted by RobertoMariaVadala, the video shows what Color Monkey believes the new iOS should have features.

These are very good when you think about it, the settings shortcuts is a great idea because to get into some of the settings you have to go like 4 deep to get what you want. The notifications feature is not really brilliant and can be enhanced; Color Monkey discrete ones would be great if they were accessible by double clicking the home button.

And how about favourite friends, where you were allowed to add shortcuts to favourite contacts that are placed on your home screen, then you click the contact avatar and their details would pop up on the screen.

Please watch the video and see what you think. Enjoy

Sources — iSpazio & Mactrast

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