iOS 5 PC Free, Activate, OTA Updates: Wirelessly Brilliant

Remember when you buy you Apple device, you know like the Apple iPhone and when you get it home you have to connect it up to a PC to activate it? Well not anymore thanks to the new iOS 5 PC free feature.

The new iOS 5 update now adds a feature called ‘PC Free’, Apple now allows the user to activate their device without the need of a PC.

You can now set-up your device wirelessly, straight out of the box. Simply get your Apple gadget out of the box and set-up wirelessly, download free iOS software updates directly onto the device such as adding new email folders or editing your photos.

You can even back up and restore your device by simply using the new iCloud, we will let you know a lot more about iCloud in due time.

You can OTA (over the air) updates, which is fantastic news. No cables, no hassle, no PC or Mac, just use WiFi and off you go. Please take a look at Engadget’s photo gallery of this new service.