Apple Store Worker Forming Union To Battle Unfair Practices

One would have thought that such a big retail arm like Apple; Apple store workers would have a union to fight their corner against the might of the tech giant, but apparently not as it appears that one Apple store employee has set about forming a union to battle the iOS company.

According to the guys over at the Boy Genius Report and by way of Reuters, Apple store employee Cory Moll who works at an Apple store in San Francisco has taken steps towards form a union for Apple store employees.

Apparently the idea is to have a union that would back workers against “unfair practices” from Apple and deliver better benefits and increased wages, although Moll does say there’s some hesitation to speak about it.

At the moment 30-year old Moll gets 14 bucks an hour and Moll says, “The core issues definitely involve compensation, pay, benefits.” Apparently the majority of workers at a facility need to show interest in the matter before any such union can be formed.

Moll comments that “I don’t think there’s 50 percent (support) in any one store but as people talk about it, we could get close in a couple of stores,” and also said “It’s kind of a feeling of David versus Goliath.”

Can one man take on the might of Apple and gather enough backing by his colleagues to get the “Apple Retail Workers Union” off the ground and running, what do you think?

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