How to spot relationship problems: Emotional Manipulation app

There are many couples that go through relationship issues, and it is very hard to find out how to spot relationship problems if you are on the outside. We have found an android app called “Emotional Manipulation”; can help those suffering out a little bit.

Are you, or do you know anyone that is staying in a manipulative relationship? Many relationships have problems for many different reasons such as, talking behind your back, Lying, Ruining your reputation, Denying, Abuse, and Anger etc.

Many relationships leave one or both confused, betrayal is a big part of breakdowns as well, the list goes on and on and how to spot relationship problems is all part of denial.

Being in an abuse relationship is all about power; you cannot call that love at all and can cause emotions to run high with no escape. This android app via the Android Market covers; Do Emotional Manipulators feel guilty? Why are you so easily manipulated? Plus 99 Questions, Situations, Fixes plus much more.

Please click the link about and let the app explain for itself, this is a very informative app and well worth studying. We always ask this question when it comes to apps, “If you already have this app installed, please send in your personal review?”

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