iPhone 5 Speculation Infographic: All You Need To Know

Over the last numerous months the speculation on Apple next generation iPhone, whether it ends up being known as the iPhone 5 or iPhone 4S remains to be seen, but rumour has hit the net waves in abundance in the past, so why not check out an infographic that delivers most if not all of the iPhone 5 rumours.

The iPhone 5 rumours infrgraphic comes our way courtesy of the guys over at Daily iPhone Blog and lists such rumours about the future iOS smartphone as the A5 processor, better camera, white versions, bigger display, same design as iPhone 4, new design, 4G support and so on.

The infographic also gives a percentage rate at which one presumes the rumour will materialise in the iPhone 5, although that has to be guess work on whoever put the infographic together, as no one really knows for certain what Apple’s next toy will deliver.

Anyway it does make for some interesting reading, so take a look at it below, and feel free to voice your opinions on if anything is missing and what you’d like to see come with the iPhone 5 to our comments area below.


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