DanceOff The First iPhone App From Cadbury Dairy Milk

Now I’m not sure if our buddies over in the good ole US of A get the same TV adverts as we do when it comes to chocolate, but the latest from Cadbury Dairy Milk features dancing clothes, and is kind of a neat advert, but more to the point Cadbury has now released the DanceOff app for the iPhone which delivers a take on that advert.

DanceOff for the iPhone enables the user to make clothes dance to their iTunes music library, you can choose your favourite character and watch it dance in five differing styles which includes salsa and hip hop, and you can even sing to the clothes and they will dance to your voice.

Apparently Cadbury Dairy Milk isn’t sold in the US under the Cadbury brand as according to Wikipedia The Hershey Company markets the product, so perhaps they haven’t seen said dancing clothes ad, so in case they haven’t I have embedded the commercial below courtesy of YouTube user JohnnysAmusements so you get the idea.

The DanceOff iOS app is great for a laugh and is purely for entertainment purposes, but how often do you get to make clothes dance? Anyway, the DanceOff app for the iPhone can be downloaded to your iPhone as a free download from iTunes…enjoy the advert below.

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