Download New Shazam Android Update: Music Previews Feature

Shazam has just announced its new Android update that is available for download; this update contains the new ‘Music Previews’ where users can listen to song clips that friends have tagged.

This is the latest major update for Shazamers who use Android devices, the new music preview feature is a great addition where users will be able to listen to 30-second clip of a song that have already been tagged. The clip can be played back anytime you wish, which is a great way to give you the option to buy or not.

Music Previews is fantastic because it allows Shazam users to browse their friends’ tags, tag history, Shazam Friends, or even tags that are featured in the Shazam tag chart and recommendations.

There is also a new tag results page with awesome cover art that is much larger than normal; the update also includes the location feature.

Shazam is very popular indeed and is now available in 45 countries, the application works on all Android devices, the update is totally free. If you do have Shazam it is available via the Android Market and the Amazon app store. The price for Shazam Encore, which gives unlimited tagging and extra features is available for $4.99 / €3.99 / £2.99.

Have you got you new update yet? If so please let us know what you think.

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