Apple iPad 2 Plus Planned for Fall Launch?

Well now although most of the Apple speculation revolves around when Apple will finally get to releasing the much talked about iPhone 5 or even the iPhone 4S, this has run alongside speculation about the launch of the Apple iPad 3; however apparently Apple may be planning an updated version of the Apple iPad 2 before the materialisation of the iPad 3.

According to an article over on MacRumors, by way of International Business Times, Apple is planning on releasing an updated Apple iPad later in 2011 which would be known as the Apple iPad 2 Plus.

According to said article, Craig Berger, an analyst for FBR Capital Markets says, “There are some indications from the supply chain that Apple may look to introduce an ‘iPad 2 Plus’ device as they put out request for quotes from various component suppliers for this marginally different device.”

The analyst continues citing supply chain sources as saying that Apple may possibly launch the ‘Apple iPad 2 Plus’ in late 2011, and says, “We now hear that component makers have received request-for-quotes (RFQs) from Apple for an ‘iPad 2 Plus,’ though no production schedule has yet been confirmed with suppliers.”

Apparently the Apple iPad 2 Plus will be a tweaked version of the iPad 2 and move from the current Apple iPad 2 panel of 132 ppi (pixels per inch) to 250 to 300 ppi for the updated Apple iPad 2 Plus.

Berger also commented that, “While we find this new commentary interesting, we await more confirming data points from other supply chain contacts before fully believing a new iPad device is coming in 2011.”

So it appears that Apple could be gearing up to push out a new version of the iPad 2 rather than delivering the Apple iPad 3 this year. For the moment it is unclear that if said speculation is correct, what other enhancement Apple would deliver with the Apple iPad 2 Plus.

Naturally and as I always say, anything to do with Apple remains firmly in the rumour arena until such times as we hear confirmation from the horse’s mouth so to speak. The thing is, would the iOS faithful swap their Apple iPad 2 for the Apple iPad 2 Plus or would it be more likely they will hold off purchasing yet another iOS slate until Apple delivers the Apple iPad 3, what are our reader’s views on this matter?

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