Verizon To Kill Off Storm 2, Fathom, Vortex, Ally and More

As most people know there comes a time in every smartphones existence when said smartphone reaches that point in its life that when it becomes destined for the mobile graveyard, and word is that Verizon will soon be sending a few handsets to that mobile graveyard, which is quite normal and usually to free up valuable space for newer handsets.

Thus according to the guys over at Phone Arena, they have apparently heard from an “anonymous tipster” that the Big Red is gearing up to kill off such devices as the BlackBerry Storm 2, the LG Fathom, LG Vortex, LG Ally, LG Cosmos, and the Samsung Convoy.

Apparently Verizon is also consigning the MiFi 2200 and the ZTE Five Sport to the mobile graveyard as well, so the smartphones aren’t all along making the procession to mobile oblivions I guess.

Of course all the above smartphones are somewhat dated now with the LG Fathom seeing release back in May 2010, the LG Vortex is a tad younger seeing release back in October 2010, the LG Cosmos was released way back in March 2010, the LG Ally released in May 2010, while the Samsung Convoy saw release way, way back in November of 2009, and the BlackBerry Storm 2 became available on Verizon back in October 2009.

Thus one does have to say that all these smartphones are quite old in the tooth now having had quite a run for their money and it is about time they all reached their end of life and were retired from faithful service anyway.

There’s no word on if the Big Red will be slashing the pricing on the above smartphones so they can get them off shelves as quickly as possible but it wouldn’t surprise me in the slightest if they do but you might have to check your local Verizon store to find out if you happen to be interested in picking up one of the handsets.

Either way, once they are cleared from Verizon shelves they will be gone forever and hopefully replaced with some new and exciting smartphone offerings that are reportedly headed for the Verizon network. There may be a few that will shed a tear over the passing of these smartphones, but as with all things it’s time to move onto better things and let the old retire gracefully, don’t you agree?

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