Babies Should Exercise via Health, Fitness Massage Apps

Babies should exercise as well as adults, there are many different health and fitness apps that can help and below we have two for you. It is very good for a baby to stretch and exercise and hopefully these applications below will help parents.

The first app is called Aimee’s Babies Baby Massage” (59p via iTunes — App Store), this application has had over 2000 downloads in over 30 countries. Mums and dads can now help their baby by giving them massages to enhance their development.

This massage app is paediatrician approved, check out these questions and see if this app is for you: Is your baby sometimes fussy and irritable? Does your baby suffer from gas or colic? Do you want to increase your interaction and bonding with your baby? Is it hard to get your baby to fall asleep? Do you want to improve your baby’s motor skills and coordination? Do you want to improve your baby’s immunity? If the answer is yes to the above questions then maybe this application is for you. This app is great for babies up to 18 months, the app was written by a pediatric occupational therapist and certified newborn massage instructor.

The next app, which is also 59p via iTunes — App Store is called “BabyStretch”; this is a brilliant baby exercise app. If you have a baby please check out this application as stretches and exercises is great for the baby to help your baby develop and reach important developmental milestones. This app teaches parents how to exercise your babies’ joints and muscles as they roll around and crawl etc.

Main features include: Learn important tips for building neck, trunk, and hip strength, Interactive high definition video, Written instruction and tips at the beginning of every video segment, Step by step video instruction and Information on benefits of stretches and strengthening.

This app is very simple to use, and you only need about 5-minutes to learn to integrate these helpful exercises into your baby’s routine, please check the app out and let us know what you think.

Baby massaging helps reduce the crying, in return giving the parents hormone levels a rest. A happy baby is one that feels relaxed and healthy, massage therapy helps the babies sleep pattern as well as enhances neural development. Please do let us know if you massage your bay, we would like to know if this helps on the above things we have mentioned. Thanks

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