iPhone 5 Release Looming As Verizon Discounts iOS Accessories?

As we get closer and closer to that all-important Apple launch in September, the expected release of Apple’s latest iOS smartphone the iPhone 5, obviously more and more rumours and speculation will hit the net waves, and we have a little piece of speculation for your consideration today, which of course should be taken with the usual amount of salt.

According to the guys over on Phone Arena, the latest bit of scuttlebutt they have received could possibly point to the iPhone 5 coming to Verizon Wireless sooner than expected, as according to their “trusted tipster,” the Big Red has started discounting particular accessory bundles for the iPhone 4.

Apparently discounting device accessories usually means they are getting rid of inventory to make way for the arrival of a new device, this time presumably the next generation iPhone.

According to the “trusted tipster,” we should expect them to lower the prices of single accessory offerings, which should mean that the iPhone 4 is really reaching its EOL (at least as far as being the prime iPhone),” EOL meaning end of life of course even though Verizon has only offered the iPhone 4 since earlier this year.

Now obviously word even form a “trusted tipster” doesn’t mean it is spot on and true, and there has been no official word that Verizon is clearing inventory to make way for the release of the iPhone 5, as even if Verizon was privy to the iPhone 5 release date they wouldn’t let on.

Thus this all remains in the shaky land of speculation as usual. As I am sure everyone is aware by now, the general feeling in the mobile space is that Apple will deliver the iPhone 5 possibly sometime in September although August has also been a favoured rumour, by whether said rumours will turn out to be right remains to be seen.

Another thing with the next generation iPhone that also remains to be seen is whether Apple will finally expand their iPhone offerings in the United States and deliver a version of the next iPhone to both Sprint and T-Mobile, another rumour that has been doing the rounds that claims there is a possibility of a cheaper iPhone for the prepaid market.

So there you have it, the latest speculation on the possible arrival of the iPhone 5, do you think that Verizon discounting certain iPhone 4 accessory bundles could signal the immanent release of the iPhone 5?

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