HTC EVO 3D Accessories: Official Video Dock, Case & Holster

Saturday Quickie: Some great information highlighting the HTC EVO 3D and a few accessories coming soon for the smartphone, how many of you are unhappy that this smartphone does not have kickstand, worry no more.

As we all know the HTC EVO 3D released without a kickstand, which a few customers were not happy about but yet they still got one, but as said above there is no need to worry because official accessories are releasing in August.

The official EVO 3D video dock has a release date set for August 21st with a price tag of $49.99, Sprint will also be releasing a new cover case for $20 and a not so bad looking Holster and Shield Combo releasing on August 21 for $25.

So there you have it, official Sprint HTC EVO 3D accessories releasing in August, once the products are on sale we will let you know all about them individually, please let us know what accessory above you have your eyes on.

Whilst on the subject of the HTC EVO 3D smartphone, we would love for all those to come forward and send in your personal reviews and opinions. Do you love your phone? Do you have a particular feature that stands out from the rest? Have you experienced any problems at all? Are Sprint users a little unhappy that the Motorola Droid Bionic is not coming your way?

There are so many question we could ask you, so please do come forward and use the commenting area provided below to tell all. Thanks

Source – Sprint Feed

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