iOS Accessories: Apple iPad 2 Display Dock For the Faithful

If you are one of the Apple faithful of which there are many out there in the mobile space, then no doubt you have a dock for your Apple device, but what if you own an Apple iPad 2, iPhone and iPod Touch, perhaps you could make use of a single dock for all three devices so you know where they all are at any given time?

Well now you can keep all your beloved Apple gear all neat and tidy and in one convenient place with the Apple iPad 2 Display Dock, and iOS device dock that resembles those docks you find in Apple stores and give your iDevices that professional look.

The iPad 2 Display Dock is manufactured in high quality, custom milled, hand polished clear acrylic, with two ports and optimal viewing angle for your Apple iPad 2 with the two ports for holding the users iPhone and iPod Touch so you can keep everything nice and tidy.

The iPad 2 Display Dock also features slots for charging cables and headphones and measures 10 x 9 x 1.25 inches and weighs in at 2 pounds. There are two versions of the iPad 2 Display Dock, with the other model housing the Apple iPad 2 only, and comes with adhesive pads for securing your beloved iPad 2 in place.

Have to say out of the many docks available for iOS devices, personally the iPad 2 Display Dock catches my attention the most as it has a clean, sleek and minimalist design and in keeping with the modern technology style of Apple gear.

So if the iPad 2 Display Dock catches your interest, how much will the iOS accessory set you back? Well if you want the iPad 2 Display Dock that houses both the iPhone and iPod Touch, the dock will set you back $74.95.

However, if you only have the Apple iPad 2 and fancy having the iPad 2 only version of the accessory, that model will hit your pocket for slightly less at $69.97 and both are available to purchase from New PC Gadgets.

Personally if you are going to opt for one of the iPad 2 Display Dock models, I’d go for the $74.95 version as even if you don’t currently own an iPhone or iPod Touch you just might do in the future, so you’ll be prepared, especially as the price difference isn’t a great deal.

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