LG Fantasy Windows Phone 7 Mango Release, Similarities

A new smartphone is coming this winter and it will be called the LG Fantasy, this will feature the latest Windows Phone 7 Mango operating system with more than a 4-inch touchscreen.

There are no specifications or features for this new mobile phone details are slim so please stay with us until we have more information for you.

The new LG handset will come with “>Windows Phone 7] operating system, with design similarities to the HTC HD7 and the Samsung Galaxy S II. Some of the features may include 400×800 pixel resolution and a larger screen than normal, it is also expected to release with Internet Explorer 9, and will be a high-end phone according to ‘Know Your Mobile’.

If LG can produce this phone with Windows Mango then it is definitely in the right direction for the company, they need to pull something out of the bag to give a wow factor for its customers.

LG is planning on releasing quite a few Phones this year, which you can see via PocketNow, other handsets include the LG Prada K2, LG Univa, LG Victor, LG Gelato NFC, LG E2 and the LG K. We will bring you more information on each of these new smartphones over the next few weeks.

We will update you on the LG Fantasy specs, features, release date and prices as soon as we get confirmations, please keep coming back or join me on Facebook, Twitter or Google plus for instant updates as of when we receive them.

Could the LG Fantasy be the one that can compete with the iPhone? Time will tell, and with the Windows Phone 7.5 Mango update coming sometime is September this could be great business for LG.

Please do let us know what you think of the new upcoming phone, obviously on what you know so far, which is not a lot but it is a start to something pleasing.

Whilst you wait for the next update, why not let us know all about your current LG phone. What LG handset do you have? What do you like or dislike about it? And what operating system are you running?

The comment area is calling out for all to have their say, please use it and let us know what you think of the LG Fantasy. Thanks

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