Funny iPhone 5 Target Ad Plus Cases Shows Curved-Design & No Button

A new Target ad that shows a rounded edge design is suggested to be the new Apple iPhone 5, we would love to know if this advert is real or not as it seems a little weird. Personally it looks more like an iPod but we will roll with the iPhone 5 ideas for a bit.

TechBuffalo received an image of the Target ad via Twitters @ryansiems, this Back-to-School ad was spotted in Target, the design shows a larger screen and a rounded design instead of the clean cut edge that the iPhone 4 currently has. Personally, we believe this was a fun ad someone designed to show of the Target’s mobile site.

Do you think it is the Apple iPhone 5, or do you think it is just a little bit of fun? Target Ad below –

Whilst on the subject of the iPhone 5, we found via Mobilefun.co.uk a few images of an iPhone 5 case that shows that the new upcoming smartphone will feature edge-to-edge display and curved design, now if you put the Target ad and the pictures of the cases together it all seems to lean towards a possibility of truth, I said possibility so please do not take it to heart.

If the cases shown below are real that means the new iPhone 5 will feature the larger screen, curved design and if you have noticed it will not have a home button, these prototype cases could suggest that the Apple may possibly dump the Home button for a new touch strip, the design as gone back to the old school seeing as it looks like the iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS curves, does this mean we might get to see an aluminium back like the iPad 2?

The images also show that the side-buttons are on the opposite side, the screen is bigger and that could possibly mean a 4-inch or larger screen. We are hoping the cases are real because this means we will see a radical new Apple iPhone 5 that will turn heads in looks and the features will be even more mind blowing.

Please do let us know what your views are on the above findings, cannot wait to read your comments. We believe none of the above is true, and if the Target ad and the cases are real it could be for a new iPod Touch of some sort, there is no way anything iPhone 5 would have leaked out.

No hold on a minute, we will take the “there is no way anything iPhone 5 would have leaked out”, remember the Gizmodo leak? Could there really be some truth in the above, time will tell and of course we will be keeping a close eye out on this one.

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