Apple Pondering Purchasing B&N?

So the latest word on the Apple front is that the iPhone and Apple iPad maker could be looking at acquiring Nook maker and bookseller giant, Barnes & Nobel, which if true could see the huge digital library of B&N coming to Apple iBooks store, meaning that the iOS faithful would have access to huge quantities of publications.

According to the guys over at the Boy Genius Report, they have heard from what they say is an “unproven source,” so basically it could be all pie in the sky, but this unnamed source claims to have “knowledge of discussions within Apple to possibly purchase Barnes & Nobel.”

Sounds a bit far fetched at first but Apple could easily stump up the money without damaging their huge cash stockpile, a price that is apparently about $1 billion to $1.5 billion, which shouldn’t be a stretch for Apple by any means.

As for the Barnes & Nobel Nook, the guys reckon Apple wouldn’t have need of the device so the Nook would eventually be discontinued and delivered to the mobile graveyard if Apple did purchase B&N.

As for the Barnes & Nobel stores, the guys say Apple could turn some of the buildings into more Apple Stores and what they don’t require they could close.

It seems logical for Apple to acquire Barnes & Nobel, however, apparently another source of the BGR says “Apple doesn’t make moves that appear logical to most outside observers at the time.”

Apparently another little titbit the same “unproven source” mentioned was that Apple will release iTunes 11 along with iOS 5 and iCloud in September, and will “support reading iBooks on computers as well as textbook purchases and rentals.”

Have to say Apple acquiring Barnes & Nobel seem reasonable to me as they could then offer all what B&N offered to the iOS faithful and expand on their iBooks offering, but then as we all know second guessing what Apple is up to is quite a difficult thing to do.

Still if true what do our Apple faithful readers think of the rumour, would purchasing Barnes & Nobel be a good move for Apple? Fell free to voice your opinions on the matter to our comments area below.

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