Motorola Atrix 4G Alien ROM Download & Screenshots (Build 2)

If you own the Motorola Atrix 4G smartphone you may just love the new Alien ROM build 2, this now has a mix of Gingerbread, Blur and Green all in one basket, as well as the stock Motorola theme if you are not into change.

The Motorola Blur functionality stays will continue to stay intact, but the new Alien theme gives you that extra bit of green loving.

This ROM has many features and they include: Deodexed, Rooted, SQLite3, Busybox’d, PNG Optimized, Zipaligned (system and data apps), Sideloading default, SIP not WiFi only, HSPA/3G icons are different (reports with accuracy), Some bloat removed, Stock email app, Network select menu open, Menu button lockscreen bypass (when unsecured), Touchscreen MOD (5 fingers), it also features Skip blur setup option, Tethering, Google Talk over 3G, and APN menu opened.

Thought we would start a new line because too many features in the same paragraph would be way too much for the eyes to handle, anyway this new Alien ROM download for the Motorola Atrix 4G also features: Modded stock Android Launcher for speed and Blur widget compatibility, AGPS option, Entitlement check disabled, HDMI Settings, plus Dock Settings, Inverted applications and Settings, Full IMEI Settings, FuguTweaks, Webtop HDMI hack, Juwe11 optimizations (modded for Atrix), Superuser Beta, Proximity sensor hack on build.prop, WiFi battery saving hack on build.prop, and GPU hack on build.prop.

The Changelog (Build 2): Proximity fixes (suggested values), An Alien wallpaper added to the Launcher in the theme! Thanks to aggielover! As well as Optional NO wake on volume mod zip, Media fixes, Themed File Manager fixed, Updated feature list: webtop, prox sensor, wifi tweak and Possible Webtop HDMI hack fix.

If all the above sounds good to you then please follow the download links here: Before you start you really need 100 percent of battery life, then please Flash the ROM and boot into Alien. If you want to turn on the Alien theme, then flash the theme zip after a reboot.

Data wipe version (safest): Download Build #2
[Build #1 -> Build #2 Update]
[Mirror] [No data wipe] [Bloatware] [Radio]
Alien theme: Download Theme Build #2

Please let us know if you try the new Alien ROM on your Motorola Atrix 4G smartphone, all comments are most welcome. Check out the awesome screenshot below, it is long so keep scrolling. This looks amazing and we would love your opinions on this one. Thanks

Source — Brief Mobile via XDA Developers


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