Apple, Microsoft, and Others Wage Bogus Patent Campaign Against Android

As most are no doubt aware, the mobile space has become something of a patent lawsuit battleground with manufacturer suing manufacturer left right and centre claiming patent infringement, leading to court action and thus tying up device makers resources, holding up release of devices and such.

Well now the senior vice president and chief legal office of Google, David Drummond has waded into the patent dispute battlefield by writing an open letter that comments on the purchase of Nortel and Novell old smartphone related patents by Apple, Microsoft, and Oracle, and calls the move “a hostile, organized campaign against Android by Microsoft, Oracle, Apple and other companies, waged through bogus patents,” reports 9to5 Mac.

Drummond says that the consortium banded together to make sure Google didn’t acquire them and thus seeking a $15 licensing fee for every Android device in an attempt to make it more expensive for device makers to license Android than Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7, and even suing such companies as Samsung, Motorola, and HTC.

The VP of Google believes Android’s competitors want to impose a “tax” for the “dubious patents” which will make Android devices that much more expensive for consumers, and they want to make it more difficult for phone makers to produce Android handsets and thus they have resorted to “fighting through litigation” rather than making new devices with new features.

Drummond also states, “the law frowns on the accumulation of dubious patents for anti-competitive means – which means these deals are likely to draw regulatory scrutiny, and this patent bubble will pop.”

Thus Drummond believes that the likes of Apple, Microsoft and others are trying to “strangle” Android, and are thus looking at ways to put a halt to the matter, and are “ encouraged that the Department of Justice forced the group I mentioned earlier to license the former Novell patents on fair terms, and that it’s looking into whether Microsoft and Apple acquired the Nortel patents for anti-competitive means.”

Okay, now my personal thoughts on this matter, and I have to say I for one am in complete agreement with Mr. Drummond, I think he has hit the nail right on its head. It’s fairly obvious to me that Apple and no doubt Microsoft sees Android as their biggest threat in the mobile space and when you look at who is being sued by Apple its mostly Android makers, which points to the obvious conclusion that Apple is going after Android by way of patent infringement lawsuits in a bid to bring Android down and thus remove the threat.

That is of course my own personal view, and no doubt others have a different view, so I’d like to know where our readers stand on this matter, do you agree or disagree with David Drummonds appraisal of the situation? Feel free to voice your opinions to our comments area below.

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