iOS and OS X Combining Next Year?

Well apparently the latest on the Apple front is word that Apple might combine their computer operating system OS X with their smartphone operating system iOS next year or so an analyst predicts, which would mean a single operating system for all Apple gear.

According to an article over on Barrons, in a note to clients, analyst Peter Misek says that combining the two Apple operating systems would lead to “synergies,” that would include ease in licensing content and better gross margins.

Misek wrote…“Users want to be able to pick up any iPhone, iPad, or Mac (or turn on their iTV) and have content move seamlessly between them and be optimized for the user and the device currently being used. We believe this will be difficult to implement if iOS and OS X are kept separate.”

Thus Misek states, “We believe Apple is looking to merge iOS (iPhones/iPads) with OS X (Macs) into a single platform for apps and cloud services starting in 2012-13.”

Apparently the analyst thinks that the next Apple processor, what he calls the “A6” will be in the Macbook Air in the 2nd half of next year or during 2013, after the Q1 2012 debut of the Apple iPad 3, and the iPhone 5 “next summer, apparently Misek doesn’t see the upcoming next generation iPhone as the iPhone 5 but rather the iPhone 4S, and goes on to say… “We believe Apple is ready to start sampling the A6 quad-core app processor and will be the first such multi-device platform capable of PC-like strength.”

Such a merger of Apple platforms Misek believes would boost sales of units “across the product line,” and as a result Misek models a “50-cent-per-share-per-year boost to EPS for “every 1% increase in unit volumes.”

So there you go, according to the analyst Apple will merge both their OS’s in 2012, which seems a bit like once again copying Android in my opinion, when you consider Android is about to deliver their next operating system that will unify both smartphones and tablets with the release of Android Ice Cream Sandwich.

So what do our iOS faithful readers think of this analysts predictions, do you think Apple will combine iOS and OS X, do you think it would be a good move by Apple to do so? Or do you feel things are better off left the way they are and iOS and OS X should never become one?

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