GetJar and Pandigital Join To Deliver Free Android Tablet Apps

It appears that if you own a Pandigital Android tablet you will now have another option for grabbing free Android apps for your chosen slate as GetJar and Pandigital have now announced a partnership whereby the GetJar app store will be pre-installed on Pandigital Android tablets.

Apparentl GetJar will come pre-installed on every new Pandigital tablet including the Pandigita Nova, the Pandigital Star and the Pandigital Planet tablets all 7-inch Android powered slates.

The vice president of business development for Pandigital says, “We are excited to partner with GetJar to provide the largest selection of today’s most relevant and useful apps that meet our customers’ needs extremely well. GetJar is the perfect addition to our new tablet line that offers users a choice in devices that best fit into their digital lifestyle — whether they are a student, a busy mom, a professional, or all three.”

While the Founder and CEO of GetJar Iija Laurs said, “As we continue to grow into a popular destination for Android users, we are thrilled to be the app store of choice for Pandigital’s new Android tablets. We expect that Pandigital users will enjoy and get great use out of a free app store preloaded onto their new device.”

Pandigital tablet users will have to option to pick their favourite apps from such categories as Entertainment, Finance, Food, Games, Education, Social & Messaging, Shopping, Sports and Travel, Health, Search, Lifestyle, Maps, Music, News & Weather, Photos, Productivity, and Religion.

Users of Pandigital Android tablets in the United Sates will be able to quickly view and download thousands of free Android apps with a simple click of the GetJar icon.

As for those Pandigital tablets, the Nova offers a 7-inch multi-touch digital TFT LCD, Android 2.3 Gingerbread OS, 512MB RAM, 4GB shared storage, WiFi, and microSD card reader up to 32GB. The Pandigtal Star and Planet slates offer the same specs but with 256MB DRAM and 2GB shares storage and the Planet offering Android 2.2 Froyo OS.

Apparently there is also a Pandigital SuperNova tablet coming soon, but as for pricing on the Pandigital Android tablets, the Planet is available for $189, the Nova becomes available this week for $189 and the Star will release mid-August for $159 from Pandigital of course.


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