Sprints New Smartphones, Within Becomes Samsung Epic 4G Touch

Well now, it appears that carriers just simply can’t keep their future smartphone plans from being leaked to the net these days, and the latest to have their future device outed is Sprint, firstly with Sprint’s variant of the Samsung Galaxy S II, formerly known as the Samsung Within getting a new moniker.

According to the guys over at Engadget, an unnamed tipster has enlightened them to several handsets coming to Sprint, with the Samsung Within now to surface as the Samsung Epic 4G Touch, which would suggest that the Epic device loses the QWERTY in favour of touch.

However for those that simply must have a physical QWERTY for their texting requirements then perhaps the Samsung Epic 2 will suit your needs.

The next Sprint handset mentioned is the HTC Kingdom, which apparent when it hits the Sprint network will be known as the HTC EVO Design 4G with dual core processor and 3D display.

Thus far all these smartphones have the 4G tag, however when it comes to a new Motorola device it appears that it wont be 4G enabled, and will be known as the Motorola Admiral so will probably be a mid-range device.

Not much known on the Motorola Admiral, although there appears to be a Facebook page created for the device, which goes by the handle “Motorola, admiral, zenith, Ironworker,” and is the only thing I have managed to find to do with the Motorola Admiral albeit the page not being live just yet.

As for the HTC Kingdom, now Sprint HTC EVO Design 4G one can only presume the handset will retain the same specifications as the HTC Kingdom as the tipster didn’t mention anything on these devices other than the new names.

The Samsung Epic 4G Touch will of course come toting all the same specs as every other Samsung Galaxy S II I would imagine, so basically other than that Motorola Admiral most of the tech stuff is known, so as soon as we do find out anything on the Motorola Admiral we will of course pass it along.

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