Google Plus Invite People Day: 150 Invites Daily: Update 2

It is that time again, have you been waiting a long time to enter the Google Plus social networking circle? We here at ‘Phones Review’ will keep this page updated on a daily basis where we will send out Google+ invites to people.

150 invites on a daily basis will be on offer, the first time we did it was myself (Mark Chubb) that provided the first 150 invites, the second time was via someone else who we will not name as not got their permission, and today is day 3 and we are offering the first 150 people the chance to enter the phenomenon.

Before we give the details on what you need to do, all we ask is you +1 this page or the site overall, the more shares the more loving we feel, a nice gesture always goes a long way. Oh an please add Mark Chubb in your Circles

Here are your first 150 daily invites, these are first come first serve and the first 150 people will be successful. Be patient the link will come soon, the link we are about to share with you is courtesy of Thomas Morffew and we all should give him a big thank you.

A little information about Thomas Morffew before we get to the invites, he is the managing director of Ren Media and loves China and Social Media as well as loving Android, he currently uses the Google Nexus One / CM7.

Ok we know you are waiting for the invite, do not forget to add Thomas Morffew to your circles once you have entered Google+, and please do +1 this page or site.

For the chance to get an invite please follow this link here (Link removed as all gone, look below) and follow the onscreen instructions, please remember there is only 150 of them so it is the case of first come first serve.

UPDATE: Here is another 150 invites courtesy of Sergej Borissoff, just click on this link (Link EXPIRED) for your invite, please remember these are first come first serve.

UPDATE 2: We have another 150 Google+ invites for our loving readers, say a big thanks to Dan Navarro Click HERE for your invite, remember first come first serve.


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