iPhone 4G LTE Under Testing With Carriers

Well we all know that when the iPhone 5 finally comes out to play the fifth generation iOS smartphone will not be playing nice on any 4G LTE network, that is of course unless Apple has managed to keep that little feature completely under wraps. However this doesn’t mean that Apple isn’t already toying with 4G LTE.

According to the guys over on the Boy Genius Report, although they can’t confirm that the iPhone 5 will sport 4G LTE, they can confirm that there is an iPhone out there capable of 4G LTE and is currently being tested by carriers.

Well at least with one of Apple’s carriers anyway, as apparently they managed to get hold of an “internal iOS test build” and found that inside said firmware is a .plist file for 4G LTE.

Now obviously discovering said file in the internal iOS test build doesn’t mean the iOS faithful will actually see a 4G LTE enabled iPhone come out to play anytime soon, but it apparently does mean that Apple isn’t dragging their heels when it comes to looking at using 4G LTE.

Obviously as with most things to do with Apple gear, this sits neatly in the realms of rumour for now, as although it is possible Apple may well be testing the possibility of 4G for the iPhone, I can’t see them delivering in the near future as that would kind of conflict with the iPhone 5 only being able to play on 3G.

So basically, yes there could be a 4G LTE iPhone out there being tested by one of Apple’s major carriers, but it is unlikely we will see 4G LTE come to the iOS platform anytime soon, maybe next year who knows.

However back in July there was a report of marketing materials packaging for Verizon sporting the term “iPhone Better 4G Smartphone,” so perhaps that package concealed this rumoured 4G LTE enabled iPhone for testing purposes?

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