iPhone Accessories: Rotating Fan To Keep You Cool

If it’s a scorcher of a day and you are at home or in the offices you can probably rely of the air conditioning to keep you cool and sweat free; however once you step outside on that blistering heat of a day how do you keep cool? Well if you own an iPhone there a little attachment that might do that job for you.

The iPhone accessory is in the form of a small fan that connects to your iOS smartphone via the dock connector and has a small blade that is powered by the smartphones battery thus creating a cool breeze to slowdown your overheat.

However the guys over at TUAW do say that the fan, which is able to rotate, doesn’t actually look big enough to deliver much of a cooling breeze and will more than likely drain your iPhone juice in short order.

The blurb of the iPhone accessory offer pages claims this device is the “Newest cool dock Fan for your iPhone 4G 3GS,” so one presumes that mean the iPhone 4 as we all know the iPhone isn’t a 4G handset.

According to the page so far they have managed to sell 216 of these tiny double blade iPhone fans, so it doesn’t appear to be that of a big seller at the moment, but some are using it, and there’s a scrolling bar that seems to indicate people are ordering the accessory.

Although I’m in the UK and contrary to popular belief, it doesn’t always ran here, and we do get the odd hot weather occasionally and I have found that many of the tiny fans simple aren’t powerful enough to make a difference in the heat, so perhaps you might like to give this one a miss.

However if you feel this mini iPhone fan might suit your needs then you can purchase the iOS accessory from Cellular Factory who is currently offering the plug in fan for $6.99 for a limited period after which it will return to its usual price of $9.99.

So if any of our iPhone toting readers out there have actually purchased this accessory and used it we’d like to know what you think of it, does it work well or is it the pits when it comes to cooling you down? Feel free to voice your opinion of the accessory to our comments area below.

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