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There is a lot of talk lately covering the new Apple iPhone 5, news covering release dates, rumours, specifications, will it be the best Apple smartphone ever, and of course Android vs iPhone etc.

If you have anything you wish to say about the upcoming iPhone 5 please do so below.

I want to know what you know, I want to read what you have to say about the iPhone 5, what features do you want, how much are you willing to pay for such a smartphone.

Anything at all you want to say please do so, love you all lots and cannot wait to start reading. Below many Google+ users have had a say and here is what they have said so far. The comments below are very interesting indeed.

Eshwar Venkanna Andhavarapu – I know that it will be awesome and will not need a bumper to make a phone call! I think it will also be a bigger phone. Although what is possible is a ‘lite’ version of the iPhone 4 (or even just lower cost) and a proper iPhone 5 with A5 processor.

Timothy Song – If it has inferior specifications compared to the Galaxy S2 but still costs as much, I will not get one. I suppose Apple will introduce another iPhone for mid-range users seeing as how the slew of android super phones coming out almost every 3 months easily out performs the annually-updated iPhone. They will need to in order to stay competitive!

Eshwar Venkanna Andhavarapu – I don’t think apple needs to introduce the mid-range iPhone though. Seeing that it sells at any price and they just meet demand. They also seem like a company that wouldn’t mind the exclusivity of the device! I mean iPhone is a classy device to have.

Timothy Song – A classy device no doubt, but it becomes conforming when… 3 out of 5 people have it (at least here in Malaysia). In that sense, its class is covered by the fact that everyone can afford one. Also, Apple’s suing spree against Samsung, HTC, etc. Android running devices show that they are keen to remain on top. And to remain on top, an item people buy for class wouldn’t be enough. =)

Stuart Thomas – I don’t see how what you spun to knock iPhones is bad. You basically said iPhones are classy, affordable and 60% of Malaysians have one. What’s bad about that?

Apple sues people because they have patents. Why have a patent system if people are going to use your ideas freely anyways. The other companies do the same thing and go after apple too. They aren’t any better.

Shawn Kelly – Their claims and patents are bogus that is why. They were busted altering the look of the galaxy 10.1 in the court documents for the lawsuit against Samsung. Patent law has become a joke, it is no longer about innovation it is about weakening your opponents to get a leg up. I find it ridiculous that companies can buy up patent portfolios and use it as if they were the innovator(to sue others). Apple and Microsoft are pathetic in this regard. Do you think Google will sue Apple for adding drop down notification bar to iOS 5 along with other blatant rip offs of android? No they are as decent as a multi-billion $ company is ever going to be. Let the flaming begin Apple fan boys

Harry Flaxman – Blatant rip offs of Android??? Better look again and do your history. They were in Apple’s standard OS before Android hit the market.

I could go on about ‘open source’. The way G uses it pertaining to their OS is an oxymoron.

Timothy Song – I never said that the iPhone was bad. The idea of classy means that using one should make you feel unique and special. Thats +Eshwar Venkanna Andhavarapu meant when he said “exclusivity”. But what I’m pointing out is that this device loses its “classiness” and “exclusivity” when majority of the people have it! And thus, I came to the conclusion that Apple is not looking to market the iPhone or iPad for that matter as an exclusive device. The recent Apple advertisements reinforce this point too with “Its now easier to own one.”

Its an amazing device for sure. Much more stable, solid and has a better app selection than Android, but to remain competitive, a simpler model is due. =)

Shawn Kelly – @ Stuart Do you really think Google bought those patents and Motorola to go sue the pants off of companies? If so you are nieve my friend it was a defensive move BECUASE of the practices of Apple and Microsoft the exact problem I am speaking of. I am not blind to Google they have their many faults but I respect how they conduct business.

@Harry That is weird I will go do some research but for the 2 years I owned an iphone I never had the pull down notification bar your’s must be special. I would say Android is the most open source platform available by a long shot sure they have to play at times close to the hip but I promise you what I am capable of doing on my stock phone far outweighs anything you can do on an iphone, and once I root it my options are endless. Look the iphone is a good product, the iphone 5 will be as well I just could never go back to a boring OS that allows me little no no customization, no flash, no interchangeable memory or battery. Worst of all though NO OPTIONS I like that I have the choice of style, color, features, screen size, LTE, 3D, keyboard/or not in the hundreds available. It is a personal choice I will not debate you on which is better because to each their own.

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One thought on “Google+ Users Discussions on iPhone 5”

  1. Deepak Tibrewal says:

    Well, I can be called an Apple fanboy and it is pretty reasonable as an idiom to use by people who wants to reinforce their argument against Apple Inc.
    I have had Samsung Galaxy S and S II in my hand and they are very good mobile phones with very strong heart.
    In my house we have 3 generation of iPhone from iPhone 2G to iPhone 4.
    Either you call this as my fanboyism or it is the little extra iPhone experience, I can never buy a Samsung Galaxy S II even though my iPhone 3G ( 2.5 years old ) is trembling and shaking : needs urgent replacement.

    PS: I have not gone for iPhone 4 because i wanted to have a little bigger screen for my Angry birds to shoot those green pigs 🙂

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