Apple Now Wants All Samsung Galaxy Devices Banned Across EU

Well I guess Apple was somewhat put out that Germany lifted the Europe wide ban on the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 and only banned the Android slate in Germany as that wasn’t what Apple wanted, and apparently as a result, Apple has now taken things a step further with their patent infringement suit in the Netherlands and is looking to against get Sammy gear banned across Europe.

According to an article over on Computer World, Apple has filed a new complaint in the Netherlands that goes beyond the complaint they filed in Germany and seeks to have all of Sammy’s Galaxy devices banned across the continent.

This means that Apple isn’t just going after the Samsung galaxy Tab 10.1 but Galaxy smartphones as well including the Galaxy S and Samsung Galaxy S II, along with such handsets as the Samsung Galaxy Ace, and of course the other Galaxy Tab slates.

Apparently Apple is demanding an extensive ban on Samsung gear covering, “manufacturing, stocking, importing, distributing, trading or selling by Samsung Korea and its Dutch subsidiaries, which include Samsung Logistics BV and Samsung Overseas BV.”

Furthermore Apple also demands that Samsung and its subsidiaries issue a “letter of request” to their Euro clients to recall any “infringing products from stock within 14-days,” along with offering to refund the price of the device and transportation costs.

Apparently the wording in the Apple complaint says, “For the record we would like to mention the fact that by storing, offering and/or selling of the above mentioned Galaxy smartphones [and tablets], you commit infringement of the intellectual property rights of Apple Inc.”

The Hague court will rule on the matter on the 15th of September and if Judge Edgar Brinkman comes down on Apple’s side any injunctions would take affect as of the 13th of October.

Looks like Apple has thrown their toys out of their mobile pram because they couldn’t get their own way in Germany and is now going in for the kill in the Netherlands to get a Europe wide ban on Samsung Gear.

Personally I hope if the judge does come down on Apple’s side, he decides that the injunction should only apply in the Netherlands like Germany, and force Apple to file injunctions in individual Euro states rather than go for the quick Europe umbrella ban.

Obviously Apple doesn’t give a second thought to those in Europe that may just want to own the Sammy Android 3.1 Honeycomb tablet of a Samsung smartphone, as personally I believe all Apple really wants is a clear field for the iPhone 5 when it launches over here.

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